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Julia Houriet Custom Gardening Services for Contractors

Julia Houriet Custom Gardening offers design plans and design consulting to landscape contractors. You may have a client who has hired you to build a landscape for them. Great! But what if they have no design plan to work from?  A design plan makes a garden installation go much smoother and the resulting garden comes out more beautiful. 

Bring a Landscape Designer into Your Next Project

Working off a plan that was agreed upon by the property owner is also a safer way for you to do business. Your client will know what to expect in detail, and all you have to do is follow the plan correctly. Our designers will work with you on site to prepare for installation, and also be available during the installation to make decisions regarding positioning of plants and other landscape elements. Attention to detail results in better gardens and landscapes.

Julia Houriet Custom Gardening Designers

You will find our designers very easy to work with. We know that a great garden is built when there is good communication and compromise among designers and builders. After all, it is our customers' hopes and dreams that we really need to pay attention to, not our own personal visions. That is why we call ourselves Custom Gardeners!